A service set up by the city hall of Alpe d'Huez

The Mayor's Message: :

"Taking into account the environmental issue is a major concern in the daily management of the municipality.

In parallel with a policy of requalification of the resort committed sinds several years, the town of Huez carries out actions aiming to limit the use of cars, in order to mitigate urban character that confers the omnipresence of cars in the public space and to limit induced nuisances, such as greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the living environment through a comfortable use of public space.

The municipality is embarking on an ambitious forward-looking policy to develop its territory by integrating the issues of sustainable development.


Therefore, the municipality deploys a policy of responsible mobility taking into account the travel needs of all users of the public space and to organize in an optimal and free way the transport offer according to the nature and the intensity of the needs. The municipality offers a real solution for sustainable urban mobility for both skiers and other users in the heart of the resort and its village.


True partner of this ambition, RESALP accompanies Alpe d'Huez in this highly qualitative approach for all users of Huez and its resort."


                                                                                                                        Jean-Yves NOYREY      Jean-Yves Noyrey : Alpe d'Huez Mayor


Message from Nicolas BUSCA - Manager of RESALP:

« The municipality chose Resalp to operate the public transport network of its ski resort, it is an honor for us.

All our expertise and energy are made available to the Alpe d'Huez to honor the ambitions that drive this beautiful tourist destination.

Our teams, in close collaboration with the services of the town hall, work every day to offer a service up to the expectations of our visitors and the local population.

High altitude mobility has been our specialty for 30 years and we are committed to ensuring that the quality of our action is an asset in the attractiveness of territories.»


                                                                                                                    NICOLAS BUSCA     Nicolas Busca : Resalp Manager